Review: Darren Walsh – Punderbolt

Darren Walsh - Punderbolt

Darren Walsh – Punderbolt

Darren Walsh is certainly a name which will resonate with any audience member which has been to see his latest comedy offering Punderbolt. From the outset, any comedian who can engage an audience and maintain a momentum of pun-filled one-liners for an hour is worth their weight in gold. It is often said that the Edinburgh Fringe can bring a new headline act to the foreground of comedy, Walsh achieves this and does not disappoint.

From the outset, Walsh engages his audience into his surreal world of comedy and connects to provide a technically seamless comical oral and visual experience. With his off the wall characters, play-on-word gags, props and audience engagement, he achieves his comic goal. From God to Jurassic Park he delivers packed punched puns to a waiting audience who demonstrably enjoyed every minute of the show.


Darren Walsh: Punderbolt, Pleasance Courtyard, 18-31 August, 8.30pm.



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